Christian Dalonzo

Visual Designer

iOS 7

When iOS 7 was previewed at WWDC earlier this year, I was shocked how different it looked. Still not sold on the design, I installed the beta on my primary device to see how it was.

It’s been three months since then, and I’m 100% sold on iOS 7 now. It’s an extremely solid update for iPhone users (I haven’t used the iPad version, but from what I’ve heard, Apple should’ve delayed it another month). I thought the colors were too flashy at first, but after using it day to day, the new color palette is great. It really brings your iPhone to life, coming from the dull colors, drop shadows, and gloss effects of the previous versions of iOS.

Other than design, iOS 7 is a pretty great feature update. Control Center, Multitasking, and the new Camera app are just a few of my favorites. I haven’t gotten a chance to test AirDrop yet, but I’m sure it works as demoed.

If you’re questioning whether...

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